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5 Tips On Getting Involved in a New Sport

WE Cycle | 04/02/2020 08:42:06

My name is Sally Tawhai and I am a Physiotherapist. I have the privilege of running a Physiotherapy clinic right next door to WE Cycle in Llandudno Junction. Physiotherapy is perceived as a reactive intervention, something you need to do when you have a problem but I believe that Physiotherapy should be a pro-active service.... More

Blue Monday – You’re Not Alone

WE Cycle | 21/01/2020 09:57:00

We have just been through “Blue Monday” officially the most depressing day of the year. I can see why this would be the case. The euphoria and early ambition of new year has ebbed away, it is still a week or so until payday and it is bonkers cold out there! However, it doesn’t need to be that.... More

Basic Bike Maintenance Classes

WE Cycle | 09/01/2020 08:42:33

Wednesday 22nd January Tuesday 28th January Wednesday 5th February (Full-Suspension Mountain Bike Specific) We are delighted to announce that we are going to be hosting a number of bicycle mechanic evenings, where we will talk you through some basic but essential maintenance to help you keep your bike running smoothly. We often.... More

How Cycling Can Benefit Your Fitness Levels

WE Cycle | 08/01/2020 15:25:00

WHY NOT TAKE UP CYCLING THIS YEAR TO HELP YOUR FITNESS LEVELS REACH THEIR PEAK It is no surprise that we are seeing a lot of people in the shop at the moment who are full of vim and vigour, keen to make 2020 the year that they get fitter. We want to be here to support.... More

Cannondale Topstone Carbon : An unprecedented gravel bike with real suspension

WE Cycle | 07/01/2020 10:00:00

An unprecedented gravel bike with real suspension. The most capable off-road, the most comfortable on-road.AN EVOLUTION OF SPECIESTopstone Carbon distills our experience making fast race bikes, comfortable endurance bikes and ultra-light dual suspension mountain bikes into the most off-road capable, and on-road comfortable, road bike ever made. Designed for maximum fun in places most gravel bikes would fear to tread,.... More